The department of mineral processing began offering undergraduate degrees of mineral processing engineering in 1973, upon the establishment of Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute, the University’s forerunner in modern times. Thereafter the discipline has achieved great progress. It was authorized by the central government to confer master’s degreein 1983, doctoral degree in 2011 and postdoctoral scientific research station in 2014. It was listed as the key discipline andqualifiedas the outstanding brand discipline in Hubei in 2007. It was selected as the national characteristic specialtyin 2010 and the specialty of “the Plan for Educating and Training outstanding Engineers” in 2013. Nowadays, the discipline of mineral processing engineering makes great contributions to China’smining industry and metallurgy industry with the predominance of fine particle mineral separation, mineral wet metallurgy, agglomeration of iron ores, mineral material, comprehensive utilization of resources, and pollution control.

There are 25 academic staffs in the discipline of mineral processing engineering in WUST at present, which form a high-level scientific research faculty, including 8 professors and 7 associate professors.

The specialized faculty of the discipline obtained many honors, such as National Science and Technology Plan to Perform Outstanding Contribution Award, Special Allowance Expert of the State Council,National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers,China Iron and Steel Industry Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers, Hubei Province High Level Talents Project Selected in the New Century, Hubei Province Outstanding Contribution Young Experts, Hubei Province Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, Hubei Youth Science and Technology Award, and Excellent Teachers in Hubei Province. The department has gained more than twenty honorable titles, includingboth provincial-and national-level awards. Featuring in the processing and utilization of metallurgy mineral resource and clean mineral processing technology, the discipline of mineral processing engineering is approved as a key discipline of Hubei province and a key construction unit of Collaborative Innovation Centerin WUST. Recently, it is titled as Hubei provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of Efficient Utilization of Vanadium Resources”. It has made a great contribution to the education and scientific research on mineral processing engineering in China and it also stands at a high academic position and owns great influence on this field in the world.

Prof. Yimin Zhang,  graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Mineral Processing Engineering from Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel (Wuhan, China) in 1976, and Master Degree of Probability and statistics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China) in 2000. Professor Zhang has been teaching mineral processing engineering, hydrometallurgy, and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources for 40 years. He has served as the head of experts in resources and environmental in the National 12th Five-Year 863 program, vice chairman of the committee of comprehensive utilization of resources, China Academy of Engineering and the managing director of Mineral Processing Society of the Chinese Society for Metals. Professor Zhang develops Mining Engineering education with a management focus on the Industrial Management Programme. The major research area of Professor Zhang and his team is vanadium shale efficient utilization. The research is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His research achievement enables him to guide start-up companies into commercialization channels by using technical solutions. He is a member of the national resources experts in the 13th Five-Year scientific and technological innovation planning.

Prof. Tao Liu,   is an Associate Professor of School of Resources and Environmental Engineering of Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The major research area of Dr Liu is comprehensive utilization of resources. He is Deputy Secretary-General of Development and Utilization of Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Vanadium Resources in Hubei. He was honored with Hubei Province Youth Science and Technology Award in 2013.

Prof. Tiejun Chen,  graduated with a Master Degree of Mineral Processing Engineering from Wuhan University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China) in 1999, and Doctor Degree of Mineral Processing Engineering from Central South University (Changsha, China)in 2008. Dr Chen is the lab manager of the department of mineral processing. His research focuses on iron ore agglomeration, mineral processing engineering, hydrometallurgy and mineral utilization of secondary resource. He is honored as “China Iron and Steel industry Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers”.

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