The mining engineering discipline of WUST focuses on mining sciences and techniques, including mining of metallic deposit under complicated conditions, mining safety and disaster prevention, pressure relief in multi-layer deposits, freeze-thawing damage mechanism of fractured rock mass, high slope stability and control under complicated conditions, low cost support technology of fragmentized soft rock mass, and high efficiency back-filling method for special-mining.

Currently, there are 18 academic staffs with different disciplinary backgrounds associated with mining engineering, such as safety engineering, geotechnical engineering and geological engineering.

In the past three years, 11 research projects, including National Science and Technology Support Programs, Key Projects of National Natural Science Foundation and Hubei Natural Science Foundation have been undertaken. In addition, 78 high-level academic papers have been published on the international journals.

Prof. Yicheng Ye, Chief Professor of Mining Engineering, Dean ofthe College of Resource and Environmental Engineering, Director of China's Metallurgical Industry Safety Production Technology Innovation Alliance, Member of the Metallurgical Specialized Committee of China Safety Production Association, Director of Hubei Mining Federation & Chief Expert of Hubei Safety Production Expert Group, primarily engaged in the study of special mineral deposits and mine system safety theory and management.

Research Area:

(1) Safe and efficient mining methods for special deposits;

(2) Control technology of tunnel stability in contact zone;

(3) Identification and classification of major risks in mining.

E-mail: yeyicheng@wust.edu.cn


Prof. Jianlong Sheng, Director of the Chinese society of Higher Education, Executive Director of Hubei Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, majored in mining engineering and geotechnical engineering, primarily engaged in rock slope stability analysis, stope ground pressure monitoring and control research.

Research Area:

(1) Stability evolution of tailings dam

(2) Prediction method for the stability of rock engineering;

(3) Reinforcement technology of pressure anchorage cable for weathered rock mass.



Prof. Yanzhang Liu, Director of Hubei Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Member of Hubei Safety Production Mine Expert Group, majored in geotechnical engineering, primarily engaged in the mine slope stability, deep rock mechanics, and ore-pass wall detection and its repair.

Research Area:

(1) Slope stability based on vector analysis;

(2) Monitoring and warning technology of goaf destabilization in deep mining;

(3) Choke prevention technology of ore-pass.

E-mail: liuyanzhang@wust.edu.cn


Prof. Bin Hu, Executive Director of Hubei Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Director of the Underground Engineering Branch of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society, Member of International Association for Engineering Geology and Environment, Member of International Society for Rock Mechanics, majored in geotechnical engineering, primarily engaged in the long-term stability of engineering rock and soil, engineering geological detection and disaster prevention.

Research Area:

(1) Long-term stability analysis of rock and soil and control technology;

(2) Control technology of engineering geological disasters.

E-mail: 40275083@qq.com


Prof. Wenjing Li, majored in GIS, primarily engaged in spatial information mining, map generalization, BIM and digital mine.  

Research Area:                          

(1)Information mining and discovery of digital mine;                      

(2)Intelligent monitoring and warning of mine safety environment; 

(3)Target-oriented Space Location Service in ore body.                        

E-mail: liwenjing@wust.edu.cn


Prof. Wenjie Wang, majored in mining engineering, primarily engaged in the research of mining technology in inclined ore deposit, goaf disaster monitoring and safety prevention , and tunnel supporting technology.                   

Research Area:                            

(1) Safety mining technology of broken and difficult ore body;   

(2) Mechanical response characteristics of roadway support system under dynamic loading.

E-mail: wangwenjie@wust.edu.cn


Prof. Lihua Ke, majored in mining engineering, primarily engaged in the optimization of mine system and mine enterprise management.             

Research Area:                         

(1) The theory of speed planning for rational exploitation of mineral resources;                   

(2) The optimization and decision method of mine system.                  

E-mail: kelihua@wust.edu.cn